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3.12 Using the Label Designer

SGN databases provide an interactive design tool for creating breeding labels. To access the Label Desginer, click on “Label Designer” in the “Manage” menu.

To design a label, first select a data source.

Then select a page size and label format. If you don’t see your page or label size as an option then select ‘Custom’ and enter the dimensions in pixels.

Once you’ve selected a data source, page format, and label size, scroll down and begin adding elements to your label. For example, to add a 2D Barcode encoding plot_name:

To add text of the accession_name in a large bold font:

To add a custom text field including plot_number:

To add a custom number field:

Once your design is finished you can modify additional settings, save your design for later use, or download labels: To modify additional settings:

To save your design (and apply it to a different trial):

Finally, to download a set of labels: